Heavy Steel Fabrication


Driven by necessity during our earliest days as a construction and installation services company, WANHO began fabricating heavy iron as a way to improve installation practices and eliminate site-related down time and issues caused from poor product design.   As experts in our field, we expanded our production capabilities to encompass a full array of efficient manufacturing processes and unique material handling capabilities.  We carry this experience forward and today we work with many of our largest global OEM partners to provide a broad portfolio of fabricated and precision welded sub-level components to compliment our full range of value-added material bundling and fulfillment services.

WANHO works closely with strategic regionally-based qualified sourcing partners to assure our product is produced to the highest standards by AWS certified welders using the most cost effective processes.  We provide additional savings as a result of our ability to consolidate global volumes into our sourcing and production models, and reduced freight cost from bulk material consolidation into containerized shipments.   Sub-component material is staged at any number of our regional value-added assembly, packing and fulfillment centers and combined with more customized and complex fabricated product designs specified for local site integration.

Contact you WANHO representative and find out how we can facilitate a turn-key product solution to satisfy your regional project requirements.