Metal Fabrication


WANHO draws on its vast knowledge and nearly four decades of experience in all areas of metal fabrication, providing our customers a fully integrated single-source solution for all of their metal component needs.  As a recognized leader in our field, we have contributed to the advancement of technology and capability processes in terms of speed, dimensional accuracy and surface finishes.

However, our metal fabrication capability is most recognized for its precision high speed, transfer press drawn parts and production of the highest quality progressive die stampings.  We offer an end-to-end solution from concept design and development, to final approval, processing and complete fabrication and reliable dock-to-stock fulfillment options through the use of statistical process control (SPC), providing total lot control and full traceability.

Additional capabilities include beading, marking, piercing, slotting and threading on a full range of material to include ferrous and nonferrous metals, exotic metals and alloys, precious metals, aluminum, copper and clad metals.

While we retain the working spirit of a small job-shop environment, we continuously evolve to incorporate the most advanced state-of-the-art equipment and technology with capabilities to service an array of customers spanning virtually every sector including automotive, aerospace, telecom, security, hardware, electronics, industrial and medical industries.

Our full range of services, capabilities and processes cover every aspect of metal fabrication to include:


Metal Stamping and Machining Services:


High Precision Machining

Incorporating the use of state-of-the-art 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis work cells for single-set-up processing.  This minimizes material handling, increases repeatable accuracy, and allows for efficient machining of complex shapes and difficult angles.  We have developed proprietary fixturing techniques and creative programs to achieve the ultimate of surface finishes while holding critical tolerances.

Turning / Milling

Our turning & milling centers offer up to 30 inch turning diameters, 10-axis turning, automatic bar feeds (up to 4 inch diameter), and specialized CNC controls to provide you with a variety of options to meet your exact specifications.

Wire and Robotic Sinker EDM

In-house capabilities allow WANHO to cut intricate and delicate shapes from conductive metals required in our production of punches, tools and dies, further supporting the specific tolerance specs, dimensional accuracy and surface finishing required by our customers.

Precision Grinding

We have the capability to hold manufacturing tolerances to +/- .000020 inch (.0005 mm) on our materials such as tungsten carbide.  WANHO also offers advanced grinding technology, Molecular Decomposition Process (MDP), to provide heat-free, burr-free grinding of very hard and thin materials, and the ability to produce impeccable surface finishes.


CNC Machining Services: 

WANHO is recognized for its precision CNC machining services with experienced machinists who accomplish the most complex machining requirements to satisfy virtually any custom request.  Our capability accommodates the use of virtually any hard material including raw steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and plastics.

Our CNC machining capabilities include vertical and horizontal CNC machining for surface part machining, drilling, tapping, boring and milling.  Our CNC turning capability accommodates part rotation while the tool traverses a 2-axes motion, cutting through the rotating surface to your exact specification.


Sheet Metal Fabrication Services:

WANHO provides a wide range of sheet metal fabrication services to meet your needs. Our in-house sheet metal processes give us end-to-end capability to perform virtually any task including CNC bending, forming, general machining, laser cutting, rolling, and tube bending on a variety of metals, such as aluminum and steel, up to .50" thick.

Contact your WANHO representative today to discuss how you can benefit from our broad range of metal fabricating service and capabilities.