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As a recognized leader in today’s industry WANHO is committed to an evolving business model that provides new opportunities for value with an enhanced platform of sourcing solutions from which our customers can choose.

By browsing through our site, you will quickly recognize how WANHO combines its core in-house manufacturing expertise, and extensive portfolio of products and services, with its global network of sourcing and fulfillment capabilities, to create a global platform of 3PL solutions tailored to integrate directly with our customers. Whether you choose a modular option, or combine each to create a vertically integrated turn-key material sourcing and logistics fulfillment solution, you too can reduce the overall operating cost of your business, while enhancing the value and capabilities offered directly to your customers.

Explore how WANHO can further assist in implementing a program tailored to achieve your specific cost reduction targets, broader expansion initiatives and accomplish the collective business objectives of your company.  Just one call, and you too can ….

 ….“Consider it Done!”


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