Vendor Managed Inventory


Vendor Managed inventory or VMI elevates our consignment programs to the next level of material management.  WANHO’s VMI program allows our customers access to our proven JIT replenishment methods with the added benefit of our analytical experience related to front-end inquiry, review and assessment.

Depending upon the level of integration, our inventory management experts will maintain a work station directly at our customers location facilitating regular face-to-face interaction within their organization.  In addition, our inventory control analysts are granted a direct link via system portals to real-time internal sales and forecasting modules for efficient and timely review cycles.  Each step improves efficiency and reduces cost by having visibility to cyclical demand, project-specific BOM’s, and projected material usage, increasing planning and fulfillment accuracy when overlapped with our sourcing lead times and global production scheduling.  

Several of WANHO’s largest global partners have taken advantage of these programs making WANHO a truly integrated partner and a seamless extension of their business.  Regardless of your business scope, volume expectation or regional footprint, you to can take advantage of WANHO’s VMI platform to improve efficiencies at every level of your business.

Contact your WANHO representative to discuss how our VMI programs can be integrated to optimize your end-to-end sourcing and fulfillment requirements.