Social Responsibility


The responsibility of WANHO’s Board of Directors, as well as its executive team, extends well past fiduciary and ethics accountability to also encompass important areas related to social contribution and awareness.  It is our goal to always balance the ethical conduct of our business objectives and our compliance with domestic and international laws, while acting in a responsible manner with respect to social standards, international norms and the basic rules of society. We recognize the impact that our decisions can have on individuals as well as on the environment when conducting our business and therefore our priority is not specific to only maximizing bottom-line profits.

WANHO remains proud of our many historical contributions, award recognitions, sponsorships and charitable donations to a platform of socially focused organizations.  One notable example would include our broad partnership with the Waterbury ARC organization and our participation in an employment program to assist individuals with intellectual disabilities by providing work and the ability to participate in their communities.  WANHO will continue its active role in supporting these important programs and in our pursuit for greater contribution and awareness throughout all levels of our company and the surrounding community.