Tool and Die Design


For over three decades WANHO has been designing and manufacturing high quality, sophisticated precision tooling. Whether it’s a standard stamping tooling or sophisticated progressive die tools, deep drawn or transfer tooling, special fixtures or other replacement components, every tool is built for performance and reliability.

Our design engineers are skilled in Auto-Cad 2D and SolidWorks Design Systems with support from multiple CAD/CAM protocols.  In-house experience and capabilities allow us to build a variety of precision metal stamping and forming dies to meet your application and volume requirements.  We will assist in determining if modular metal stamping dies, designed to cost effectively produce a family of components from a single modular die set, is the most efficient option for achieving your piece-part cost targets.  Each die set incorporates Individual tooling modules made from tungsten carbide and steel, each being self-contained to provide greater product design flexibility.

As a final step before any significant investment is made in tool production, our engineering team develops creative processes to optimize design-for-manufacture solutions and incorporates stamping simulation analysis to verify product design to your satisfaction. Regardless of industry, material requirement, tolerance specification, or cost targets, WANHO’s series of die design options and efficient state-of-the-art build solutions provide you with the right tool tailored specifically for your application.

Call on WANHO today and discover how we can create the best tooling solution to suit your product and manufacturing requirements.