OEM Manufacturing Expertise


A core attribute of WANHO's historical capabilities resides in its advanced tool and die design and in-house global manufacturing expertise.  And while surviving as a viable and relevant business remains a constant challenge in today's manufacturing sector, WANHO augments its core capabilities by bringing an intelligent 21st-century approach to its global business model.

This means we retain critical state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and design expertise, coupled with our ability to leverage global volumes garnered from decades of entrenched OEM partnerships.  WANHO concurrently implements a series of controlled sourcing methods and technology advancements to reduce raw material costs, eliminate redundant operational overheads, and streamline non-core processes in every area of business.  To accomplish this, we have invested significantly in cultivating extensive networks of regionally based certified manufacturing talent to supplement our extensive American- and Asian-based manufacturing operations.  This collectively allows WANHO to provide an end-to-end global material fulfillment solution with a regionalized capacity sourcing element to maximize flexibility while offsetting increasing direct labor and raw material cost and minimizing capital intensive hard-asset investment.

WANHO has seamlessly integrated this important element into our global production model with over three decades of proven success in developing trusted, capable long-term partnerships to assure a reliable cost effective solution.

Collectively this translates into significant value at a reduced cost with a majority of the savings being passed on to our customers.  Regardless of the industry or the strict design specification criteria, WANHO's inherent expertise, optimized production capabilities and proven sourcing models assures the most efficient, cost-effective solutions to satisfy you product requirements across all market segments.