OEM Cable Reroll & Testing


Our upgraded capabilities extend well beyond assembly and packaging to include bulk OEM cable rerolling, main-feeder and jumper connectorization and pre-shipment qualification testing.  Our many years of experience in the material handling, system integration and site installation, coupled with our experienced regional fulfillment center personnel, expand an integrated services platform to provide more options for our partners to enjoy.

Bulk material can be shipped directly to our regional facilities, staged and processed as demand requires.  OEM Cable can be rerolled or coiled, cut to length, connectorized, tested and prepped at time of order.  Our facilities are equipped to handle this stage of the processing allowing you to eliminate labor-intensive steps throughout the fulfillment cycle and redirect your internal resources towards areas core to your business. 

Contact your local representative to find out how you can recognize more value by expanding your partnership with WANHO and our global OEM partners.