Plastic and Rubber Fabrication


Extraordinary advancements in polymers and composite materials have changed the world for the better.  A combination of performance, cost, availability of materials and part-to-part consistency allows design engineers in virtually every industry to advance the utilization of plastics and rubber materials in every conceivable way.  While it seems commonplace today, WANHO was a pioneer in this field, removing barriers and changing traditional mindsets associated with these types of materials.   Expanding their use at the component level in a magnitude of real-life applications resulted in significant reductions of overall cost at every stage of the material handling, production, assembly and fulfillment process.

WANHO retains its in-house design, engineering and prototyping capabilities to identify the ideal material used in final product concepts to achieve your targeted result.  We design and develop specific molds and tooling coupled with our state-of-the-art close tolerance machining capabilities to assure the highest quality precision parts for any industrial sector including telecom, electronic, medical, aerospace, automotive and consumer appliance.

We further optimize the sourcing process by collaborating as required with select strategic production partners having unlimited production capacity and who specialize in advanced injection molding technology and techniques.  The combined result is significant reductions in capital expenditure, optimized concept-to-commercial product lead times, and layered savings, which translates into value for our customers throughout every stage of the development, production and fulfillment cycle.

Improved product integrity without any degradation in application performance regardless of specification makes rubber and plastics an ideal choice for consideration.  Contact your WANHO representative to discover how a choice of plastics and rubber can change your world as well.