Regionalized Warehousing


Delivering value to your customers is a basic principle of any business regardless of your industry or region. However in many cases, the desire to expand can be hindered by the burdensome overhead costs related to warehousing.  WANHO has experienced these types of growing pains throughout its long history and as a result, created a working model that minimizes cost and frustration to your organization, allowing you to focus on your primary business objectives – your customers.

WANHO’s approach combines its owned and operated manufacturing and fulfillment facilities with strategically positioned logistics and fulfillment partners to extend its reach regionally.  We work closely with each partner to assure continuity throughout the entire fulfillment process creating a seamless uninterrupted flow of information and physical material between companies.  As a result, our partners develop into integrated extensions of our business where the benefits of their regional, logistical and material handling expertise are incorporated to create a complete vertically integrated fulfillment process.

The natural synergies of our resource-sharing models allow us to collectively reduce overlap redundancies in every area of business, resulting in significant overhead cost savings while maximizing the full range of value, service and expertise provided to our customer.

Contact your WANHO representative today and explore how you and your customer can benefit from our platform of regional-based fulfillment solutions.