Global Fulfillment


As a natural compliment to our core manufacturing capabilities and portfolio of value-added services, WANHO continues to expand its global sourcing and fulfillment solutions to benefit the specific business models of our customers. Our broad base of experienced logistics and sourcing partners expand our direct reach in ways that compliment our package of end-to-end solutions provided to our customers.

All of our trusted partners have been selected for their like-minded business philosophy, commitment to quality and service, and a deep level of regional-specific knowledge and expertise.  Each partnership is cultivated to become a natural extension of the WANHO business model allowing us to vertically integrate directly with our customers at the regional level.

Regardless of your geographic location, WANHO will work with you to define a tailored fulfillment solution, and seamlessly integrate into your business to provide the confidence needed to optimize and expand the reach of your business without the costly burdens related to a globalized fulfillment program.

Contact your WANHO representative today to find out more about the many options available that can be tailored to meet the specific objective of your business.