Customized Kitting and Assembly


WANHO draws on decades of experience from our humble beginnings to develop the most efficient assembly methods possible.  Our growth from a small job shop, to a multi-national component supplier, to a high-volume global sourcing and fulfillment company, demands that we continuously improve our assembly and kitting processes.

Today as a global sourcing company with regional fulfillment centers, our expanded capabilities and efficient processes translate directly into added value extended directly to our customer.  There is no longer a necessity for your company to absorb the burdens associated with costly overheads, equipment upgrading and staffing challenges, when WANHO stands ready to assist.

As many of our largest global, as well as regionally focused customers will attest, our end-to-end solutions cover a broad spectrum of value-added services.  Each are designed to reduce internal operating costs, simplify ordering, inventory tracking and material handling, and facilitate time-saving methods for improving on-site installation practices.  Translation – savings-savings-savings!!

Private Labeled Packaging – No more need for costly secondary handling simply for labeling purposes.  WANHO incorporates your brand, your logo, your part numbering and descriptions, per your labeling specifications, so that when materials arrive in your customers warehouse or on site, there is no confusion and the relationship between you and your customer is never compromised.

Component Pre-assembly – It’s no longer necessary to purchase material unassembled when pre-assembly can be efficiently completed as part of the kitting process.  Minimize packaging, reduces storage space, and save significant time on site where weather conditions and labor costs magnify installation cost.

Customized Kitting – Eliminate wasteful packaging and the need for excess storage space all together by consolidating related site materials into a customized kit.  Assure smaller items and items used in conjunction with each other remain together until needed.

Bulk Packing – consolidate material into a larger, easy to handle bulk box and reduce on-site waste, costly over-pack material and handling cost when ordering, shipping and staging large quantities for site deployment.

Value extends well beyond the labor-intensive tasks of business and applies broadly into the administrative aspects as well.  Contact your WANHO representative today to learn more about how our value-added services can save you significant time, money and resources throughout your entire business model.