Value-added Service


“Value-added” SHOULD NEVER IMPLY “added cost”!!  On the contrary, value-added allows you to enjoy the added benefit of enhanced services without having to worry about inflated invoices from hidden costs or unexpected add-ons.  As you select from a broad portfolio of services offered via WANHO's regional fullfilment centers, you allow for better utilization of your internal resources while enhancing the savings and overall value provided to your customers.  Be it through material and direct labor cost reductions, staffing re-allocation, better space utilization, or improved cash flow and inventory management, by taking advantage of WANHO's value-added services you will improve the overall operating efficiencies of your business at every level.

Allow WANHO to add value as a natural extension of your operation by absorbing non-core related processes from your business model.   Component kitting and assembly, cable reroll and testing, material bundling and site packing are just a few examples of non-core processes that can erode bottom line performance.   WANHO can remove these costly overhead burdens by providing an enhanced level of end-to-end capabilities while extending a seamless level of service to you and your customers.  You will immediately recognize the benefits of WANHO's expanded platform of value-added services that many other material suppliers or off-shore resellers cannot, or simply will not offer.

Contact your WANHO representative to discuss a localized platform of solutions available through out regional value-added service centers that can compliment your core business offerings.